Frequently Asked Questions


How do I take care of my Scandy Sphere?

First of all, don't drop it. If you drop it on a hard surface, it can break. (Pretty much like your phone. Dropping it is bad.) Secondly, don't get it wet. The gypsum and inks won't hold up great in a super-humid or wet environment. Don't brink you Scandy Sphere too the pool, ok? Don't handle it with wet hands. Don't put it in your fish tank. Thirdly, don't display it in a window that gets direct sunlight. Over time, when exposed to direct sunlight, the inks can fade. Don't be overly concerned, however. We've had Scandy Spheres and other 3D prints in our homes for over 4 years and the color still looks great! We just keep them in an air-conditioned room away from direct sunlight. On a bookshelf or desk? Yes. On your car's dashboard? Probably not a great idea. Other than that, you should have no problem enjoying the views of your Scandy Sphere for years to come.


How long will it take to get my Scandy Sphere?

Great question. We typically will start printing your Scandy Sphere within 2 business days of receiving your order. It takes about 24 hours to 3D print, hand finish, and package your Scandy Sphere for shipping. After that, the shipping time depends on how far away your are from our nearest fulfillment center. Right now, we are only shipping from the United States. International shipments can take up to 10 days. Rule of thumb? Within a week for US orders, up to 3 weeks for International orders.


I've got a 4K 360 degree camera. My Scandy Sphere is going to look SO great, right?

Yes, it will! But please don't expect your Scandy Sphere to be "4K". The best color 3D printers that we have print with a resolution of 200-300dpi. It looks great, but you won't be able to resolve the detail you see when viewing your picture on a 30 inch monitor in a 6 inch diameter sphere. The form factor of the Scandy Sphere is the best way to view your memory in 360 degrees in a physical object.


Why won't my image upload? Why does it ask for a 2:1 image?

We can only take images captured by a spherical (or 360 degree) camera. When represented as a 2D image, the image aspect ratio must be 2:1 (the width must be twice the height).

What can you do about it? Open your image in a photo editor and crop it to 2:1. Be careful, though! If your image isn't captured into a 2:1 ratio, it may look REALLY funky once it is wrapped onto a sphere. Please make sure you take a look at how your image looks on the sphere. All sales are final!