Tips and Guidlines


Edit your image so the color really pops

A Scandy Sphere is not a computer or a phone screen. It isn't backlit, so the colors you see in the Sphere may not look as rich and vibrant as they do on your device. To counter that effect, please use the sliders to enhance the contrast, the brightness, and the saturation. Yes, you want to see the detail in the shadows. You don't want the whites to be too bright. A deeper color saturation will likely make a better Scandy Sphere.


A large expanse of one color may result in visible lines

This is a quirk of the 3D printing process we use. If your image contains a large expanse of a single color, the sphere may show visible lines in that color. This doesn't bother some people. Just be aware that the image you captured of the bright blue cloudless sky that fills up half of the sphere may result in some visible lines on the Scandy Sphere.


Start with the right image dimensions

This is important. Take an image with a 2:1 aspect ratio (width:height). Make sure it is an image from a spherical camera. We can certainly wrap any 2:1 image around a Scandy Sphere, but unless the image is captured by a spherical camera, it is going to look pretty wonky. If you WANT a wonky Scandy Sphere, that is great, upload what you want. If you want a Scandy Sphere that looks like the ones on the website, then upload a 2:1 aspect ratio image captured with a spherical camera.